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About us

From where it all started!

The urge to use chemical-free yet effective hair care products lead to the birth of NaPa. Our showers were packed with either traditional products full of chemicals but effective or with new-age natural products that weren't effective but chemical-free. This got us thinking about having a haircare range that would actually work without making our hair worse with regular usage. So, we decided to target the root of the problem (scalp), quite literally!


What are we doing

We are creating a haircare range that revolves around the single, simple concept: the health of your scalp (which is skin, in case you forgot) is key to growing thick, shiny locks.


How are we doing it

We combine proven skincare power actives & Indian-origin natural actives in our formulations, making super effective products to improve hair concerns & prevent future damage.


Our promise

We bring to you pure and powerful haircare products that are body friendly in nature & actually work.

Clean and Effective

We commit to only use ingredients that are skin friendly. Sulphates, parabens, synthetic dyes and all harmful chemicals are exlcuded from our entire range.

Skincare Power Actives

Proven ingredients such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and collagen target specific hair concerns and supplement the production of oils and vitamins in your scalp, for a super effective product.

Indian Super Foods

We have a curated list of traditional Indian natural actives, with rich history and proven effectiveness, to prevent common hair concerns and included them in our formulas.